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Similia Similibus Curentur

Similars  are Cured by Similars



FHS would like to thank everyone who has generously donated to
the Florida Homeopathic Society! 

Special thanks to all those who so generously supported
the 2016 Annual Conference with  donations. 

   Thanks to the following for donations of gently used books for the book sale: 
   Miranda Castro, Will Gifford, Ann Jerome, Polly MiLlet, Pamela Swanson, &
   Gainesville  Homeopathy Study Group:

   Please visit and patronize the following Sponsors of the conference! Thanks to all
   For  your generous support with Food, Auction Items, Goodie Bags,  &    Financial Support!

    Chamberlin's/Atkins - Dr Phillips & Winter Park
     Gypsy Apothecary - 3540 S Orange Ave., Orlando
     Hyland's Homeopathic
     Lucky's Market on NW 23rd St, Gainesville, FL
     Marriott Courtyard & Residence Inn - Lake Nona
     Miranda Castro Shop www.mirandacastroshop.com
     Publix Grocery Stores
     Reid's Nutrition Center, Englewood, FL
     Robin Murphy, www.lotuswellnesscottage.com/store
     Sunseed Co-op, Cape Canaveral, FL
     Trader Joe's - Dr Phillips & Winter Park
     UCF Integrative Health, Lake Nona
     Watercrest Assisted Living of Lake Nona
     Special thanks to our Amazing Directors of the FHS Board.

Special thanks to all those who so generously supported
the 2015 Annual Conference with donations:

  Kim Elia, Hylands Homeopathic Products, Pamela Swanson, Lucille Romer &
  Dor Remsen, Lake County (Mt. Dora, FL) Homeopathy Study Group,
  National CenteR FOr Homeopathy (NCH), 
  the all-volunteer FHS board of directors,
  and all who made it such a wonderful conference.

Donations help us all to invest in our future!