Similia Similibus Curentur

Similars  are Cured by Similars


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FHS membership dues are $35/annually (period January through December).

All dues and donations to FHS are tax-deductible and support our work in educating consumers, practitioners and the public about Classical Homeopathy. 


Member run and and supported. 

We are committed to helping all those curious about this wonderful healing art.  

Each year we organize and host a weekend conference that attracts attendees from as far away as India.

We gather in community and sincere friendship  each year and while we learn together we also celebrate together .    


Annual conferences have brought World Class Visionaries, Teachers, Authors and Practitioners in Homeopathy to Florida since 2012;  

See our Roster of Speakers!  

See Reviews of our Conferences!  

In addition to the conference we reach out to organizations and  groups to help educate all those interested.  All this is done by volunteers. 

Benefits of membership in FHS:
..  Early notification of FHS annual conference and early discounts for conference and hotel.
..  Special Discounted Membership to The North American Society of Homeopaths  


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